We (Shady Street Cat Productions) Welcomes u to Sunnywood and Bollywood


Here is your chance to act along with Badass Super star Matty Moo aka Mamu and upcoming Bollywood side-kick Madhu in a Bollywood movie and enter the Bollywood Walk of Fame.

The movie is to bring the groovy vibes of Bollywood to the Sunshine Coast and to promote the message in the novel–Pachamama n Dalai Lama written by Madhu. Pachamama n Dalai Lama is about how bringing jobs back locally will save Mother Earth from dying.

This movie project also portrays the journeys Madhu is taking (and took) to free himself from corporate slavery.

Along with the movie, there will be regular community dance classes, flash mobs, events, and performances. Stay tuned at Insta @sit_act for more details.

Bollywood movie made in Sunnywood will be starting soon.

We welcome Sunnywood star Matty Moo to Bollywood. Super Star, stunt man, dancer, singer - all in one.

It is going to be Epic and fun. No boring stuff. Full action and adventure.

No acting is required.