Bhikkuni Film Screeing at Chenrezig Institute

Bhikkhuni Documentary Screening and Q&A session with Director Małgorzata Dobrowolska.

“Bhikkhunī – Buddhism, Sri Lanka, Revolution”(“Mistrzynie życia duchowego. Buddyzm, Sri Lanka, rewolucja”) is a documentary film about the revival of women’s ordination in Theravāda Buddhism.

Margo is also doing an crowdfunding campaign to upgrade her film equipment to create meaningful films.

More about it can be found here.

The movie screening will take place at 6 PM at CHENREZIG INSTITUTE (Well-being Centre), 33 Johnsons Road, Eudlo, 4554.

Take Yoga Home Retreat will take place at the same location from 10 am to 4 pm - Tickets Seperate

Take Yoga Home is a unique workshop and retreat (at Chenrezig Institute) which gives you yoga tools to do your own self-practice at home without a teacher - as well as - rejuvenate you with guided yoga flows, breath-work, meditations, and delicious food at a beautiful and healing environment of a Buddhist Centre - Chenrezig Institute. A great way to unwind yourself, and give your body and mind much-needed self-love and self-care on a weekend.