Pachamama n Dalai Lama

- A Novel

Dear beautiful family and friends,

Welcome to the journey of Pachamama and Dalai Lama – A novel. I promise you it will be fun and epic. 100% - 5-star Guarantee.

This novel is about saving Mother Earth Pachamama from dying - and - how freeing Tibet from the Chinese Communist Party and taking Dalai Lama back to Tibet will save Mother Earth from dying.

It is based on secret prophecies of mystical Tibetan Buddhism and actual dreams Dalai Lama had.

In this book, I give voice to mother earth, Tibetans, and to millions of species, we are wiping to extinction.

I completed the draft of the book and I need help in covering some of the editing costs before I send them to agents and publishers.

Blessings and Love,